The Most Instagrammed Snacks at Disney Parks, Ranked

A new study analyzed thousands of Instagram hashtags to find the ultimate Disney snack.

People mostly go to Disney Parks for their amazing attractions, but if you're not checking out the iconic snack offerings, you're surely missing out—and so is your Instagram.

The Disney travel planning experts over at MagicGuides just conducted a new study in celebration of Disney's most beloved snacks worldwide, and created an ultimate ranking of the most popular ones based on how often they are shared on Instagram. To come up with the results, experts analyzed Instagram hashtag counts of the more than 50 food and drink options that are solely exclusive to Disney Parks around the world.

What they found is that the iconic Dole Whips are, by far, the most loved. With 316,535 recorded Instagram posts, which is more hashtags than the rest of the top 10 combined, the famous snack won the gold medal as the most Instagrammable and Instagrammed Disney treat.

The runner-up is a drink—and it's probably thanks to its lovely color and fervent fanbase that it was able to rank as the second most popular treat. Disney Parks' plant-based Blue Milk, inspired by the Star Wars cinematic universe, appeared on the 'gram 55,275 through hashtags.

It's Mickey Pretzels, instead, that closed out the top three. The delicious snack racked up 30,407 recorded hashtags on Instagram and it isn't surprising—it flaunts a vast fanbase, and Disney Parks visitors seem to really love its soft and salty nature.

Check out the top 10 of most Instagrammed Disney Parks snacks below:

1. Dole Whip
2. Blue Milk
3. Mickey Pretzel
4. Green Milk
5. Mickey Waffle
6. Disney Popcorn Bucket
7. Mickey Beignets
8. Night Blossom
9. Disney Churro
10. Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar

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