These Are the Most Popular Dog Names of 2020

You might hear a few Covie, Rona, and Corona's at the dog park this year.


Finding a unique and fitting name for your sweet dog is quite the task. You've gotta nail down something that captures your furry child's individual personality. It's a commitment and one that might require a little extra guidance

Cue: Rover. The online pet marketplace has released its eighth annual report on the year's most popular dog names. And while the top contenders aren't necessarily the most creative (see below for evidence), the site also pulled stats on some more unique trends. 

"Our community's dog names can confirm: We've never experienced a year quite like 2020," the blog post reads. "It's a year when dog adoption rates soared and many pet parents spent more time at home than ever snuggled up with their pets. From old favorites topping the male and female dog name charts to the unique monikers folks are giving to their pandemic puppies, some of the names pet parents have chosen for their furry family members this year are as surprising as 2020 itself."

Here are the most popular male dog names: 

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Buddy
5. Milo
6. Bear
7. Rocky
8. Duke
9. Tucker
10. Jack

Here are the most popular female dog names: 

1. Bella
2. Luna
3. Lucy
4. Daisy
5. Lola
6. Sadie
7. Molly
8. Bailey
9. Stella
10. Maggie

But, as promised, not everyone is going the basic route. There was also a spike in pandemic-themed names (yes, really), so don't be surprised if you meet a Covie, Rona, Corona, or Covi at the dog park. Similarly, folks are opting in favor of a little celeb inspirations, as well. There's been an uptick in Chrissys, Keanus, Lizzos, and Kanyes.

In true 2020 fashion, Rover also reported the first Sourdough pup and an increase in Carols (as in Baskin). 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.