These Are the Most Popular GIFs of 2019

best GIFs of 2019

You know the adage: A GIF is worth a thousand words, especially when there's a character count limit. That's some timeless wisdom.

You've got your standbys GIFs that can communicate what needs to be said in a hurry. Kermit sipping tea. Jack Nicholson nodding. Brad Pitt dancing hard in Burn After Reading. But it doesn't hurt to get some fresh blood in rotation. Surprise a friend when they ask why you aren't going to the party with Lil Nas X dropping a scroll on stage. Send Nick Kroll mimicking Nicholson's The Departed nod when your coworker asks if you're sick or just hungover. Giphy knows exactly how you're changing things up. They've dug through what people have used throughout the year to produce a list of the top 25 most-used GIFs of 2019. 

Here are the top 10 for your looping pleasure. 

10. The appeal of Khalid dancing in the video for "Young Dumb and Broke" is painfully obvious.

9. Desus & Mero is pretty consistently an A+ source for GIFs. 

8. A heart GIF created by artist Mia Page. 

7. Number seven on Giphy's list, but number one in your heart: Keanu Reeves blowing a kiss on Always Be My Maybe

6. This is pretty much self-explanatory. 

5. Everyone needs a thumbs up GIF from time to time. This one is from Last Call

4. A GIF of Samm Henshaw from the video for "Church."

3. Nick Jonas made this one with Giphy.

2. An angry reaction GIF from Shameless for those surely infrequent occasions when you feel upset on social media.

1. The most-used GIF of the year was Jasmine Masters saying, "and I oop."

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.
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