The Most Popular GIFs of 2020 Are Kind of Heart-Warming

These are the GIFs you people used most this year.

best gifs 2020

This year has been a real thing. You'd be forgiven for totally forgetting little bits of weirdness that would be bigger memories in previous years, like mysterious obelisks, the Pentagon verifying UFO videos, and the emergence of Tiger King. (Yes, Tiger King was somehow released in 2020.)

Among the deluge of year-end lists, Giphy's list of the most-used GIFs of the year is usually a fun look over what held our attention in the year that has almost lapsed. The GIFs that were used most on Twitter and other social media platforms in 2020 reflect the nature of this year. Murder hornets couldn't keep our attention in a year that also housed a pivotal election and a global pandemic, among other major events.

Last year's list included GIFs of Khalid, Desus & Mero, and Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe. This year, there are a whole lot more GIFs that are artist-created animations expressing love and gratitude, as well as heartfelt thanks to frontline workers trying to help keep people healthy throughout the pandemic. Pop culture touchstones just didn't get used as much, and it makes sense. 

Giphy has shared the top 25 most-used GIFs that were created this year. Here are the top ten.

10. Billie Eilish at the BRIT Awards

9. “We Will Get Through This” by Into Action

8. “Dumpster fire” by 100% Soft

7. “Happy Dance” by Sesame Street 

6. “OK!” by Mochimochiland 

5. “Long Distance Love” by Chibird 

4. “I Love You” by Rain to Me

3. “I Love You” by RisuDong

2. “Grateful for You” by GIPHY Cares

1. “Thank You” by Red & Howling

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