These Are the Most Popular GIFs of 2021

You use GIFs everywhere. Here are the ones that got used the most this year.

best GIFs 2021

The most-used GIFs of the year is a weird year-end tradition from Giphy. It might seem like a frivolous bit of fun you'll spend 30 seconds looking at and then forget about until next December. However, the most-used GIFs do manage to say something about the year that's fading in the rearview mirror. 

Those GIFs are a big part of how we communicate in texts and social media and can give a glimpse into the year. It can reflect sentiment like the huge number of positive GIFs that were part of last year's list. It can also reflect the memes that captured attention briefly. (The Weeknd at the Super Bowl Halftime show?) Or the people and shows that captured our attention. (Kathryn Hahn and Wandavision?)

The 2021 list has more pop culture ties than last year and doesn't have the same kind of heart-warming undertone. But it still reflects a lot about the year that is almost gone. 

Here are the top GIFs of 2021. 

10. “Happy Baby Yoda” by Disney+

9. “Happy Dance” by Foodieg

8. “Daphne Bridgerton Laughing” by Netflix

7. “The Weeknd Halftime Performance” by the NFL 

6. “Peppa Pig ‘¡Feliz Cumple!’” by Discovery LA

5. “Kathryn Hahn Winking” by Disney+

4. “Sad Pikachu” by Pokemon

3. “Oh No” by The Great British Bake Off

2. “Tired Tom” by HBO Max

1. “Bored Stanley” by The Office

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