This Map Shows Every State's Favorite Jelly Bean & Too Many People Like Black Licorice

jelly bean flavors

The holiday fronted by a frighteningly large rabbit is just around the corner. That means it's the time of year where we collectively go, "Oh yeah, jelly beans! Jelly beans are great. Why don't I eat jelly beans all the time?"

There's no explanation for the reason everyone forgets about jelly beans most of the year, but can explain a bit about everyone's favorite jelly bean flavors. The bulk candy retailer has collected 10 years of candy sales data and a poll of 12,000 candy lovers to show what jelly bean flavors are the favorite in every US state. Of course, there's a lot of mysterious love for black licorice, the world's most divisive jelly bean. (It's not only gross, but it can apparently land you in the hospital if you eat an insane amount of it.)

Of course, the data is a little skewed, since it's partially based on sales from a single source. But that doesn't stop this from being fun because you can now send your friend from Massachusetts a bunch of coconut-flavored jelly beans and tell them how everyone in the state loves coconut-flavored jelly beans. 

That's one of three results that are unique to a single state. The others are Montana's love of cotton candy-flavored jelly beans and Illinois' love of chocolate-flavored jelly beans, a thing you may not be aware existed until now. (Maybe they're only sold in Illinois?)

Nationally, according to, buttered popcorn is the most popular flavor, followed by black licorice, cinnamon, and watermelon. Maybe there's something about the data that surfaced divisive flavors, because who doesn't like a handful of tutti frutti?

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