Who Needs a Lake House When You Can Book a Lighthouse Instead?

These are the world's most-wishlisted lighthouses available to book on Airbnb.

isle of man united kingdom lighthouse airbnb
Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, UK | Courtesy of Airbnb
Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, UK | Courtesy of Airbnb

I would be lying if I told you that every time I watch the first Harry Potter movie, one of my first thoughts isn't "damn, I'd love to spend the night inside of a lighthouse"—minus the storm, of course. While the movie doesn't technically feature a lighthouse, the small shack on a rock always gave me vibes similar to those of a lighthouse thanks to the secludedness, the nearby ocean, and its all-around odd-looking structure.

Luckily, in the real world you can stay overnight in lighthouses without worrying that Hagrid will break in in the middle of the night to wish you a happy birthday. Not only that, Airbnb has a couple of categories, namely the Towers Category and the OMG! Category, featuring lighthouses located all around the world, which will make your search much simpler when you eventually decide to go reside in one for a bit.

The next important question is all about the location. Where should you be looking for the best lighthouses available? Once again, Airbnb is coming to the rescue. By analyzing user data, Airbnb managed to put together a ranking of the most-wishlisted lighthouses in the world, shining a light on those accommodations that everybody is eyeing with particular interest. Needless to say, the top 10 is unmatched, and I can already see myself in any of those lighthouses being lulled to sleep by the nearby sound of crushing waves.

pei canada lighthouse airbnb rental
The Lighthouse Keeper's Inn in PEI, Canada | Courtesy of Airbnb

Travelers around the world seem to be particularly enchanted by Lighthouse Keeper's Inn, located on Prince Edward Island, Canada. It looks straight out of a movie—nested away by a peaceful body of water, the lighthouse is painted white with a few red touches. And it's a tall boy, too! It stands at 70 feet of height, and from there you can catch marvelous views of the Canadian shoreline.

The second most-coveted maritime getaway is located in the US, specifically in Michigan. The Eagle River Lighthouse property dates back to 1855, and it is a treasure trove of historical facts. It was commissioned back then by the US government so that it could guide ships along Lake Superior's Keweenaw coast, and it served that role until 1909, when it got decommissioned.

scotland lighthouse airbnb rental
The Rubha nan Gall Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage in Tobermory, Scotland | Courtesy of Airbnb

If you're willing to head over to Europe for a lighthouse stay, the third home on the ranking is located in Scotland. Rubha nan Gall Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage, located in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, is the former lighthouse keeper's cottage, and it sits near Tobermory's harbor, famous for its whale watching.

Other lighthouses on the list are scattered across the shores of the mid-Atlantic in the US and the Maritimes in Canada, as well as UK cliffs and across Europe. Take a look at the top 10 ranking of the most wishlisted ones below.

1. Lighthouse Keeper's Inn—Prince Edward Island, Canada
2. Stunning 1850's Eagle River Lighthouse—Michigan, US
3. Rubha nan Gall Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage—Tobermory, Scotland
4. El Faro en Villas San Vicente—Guerrero, Mexico
5. Wings Neck Lighthouse—Pocasset, MA, United States
6. Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage—Isle of Man, United Kingdom
7. Living in a Lighthouse—Winterton-on-Sea, United Kingdom
8. Cove Point Lighthouse Keeper's House—Lusby, MD, United States
9. Lighthouse - Sauna - Kayaks - Own Island - Boat—Säffle, Sweden
10. Tiny private island off Skye—Isleornsay, Scotland

To take a look at the complete ranking and for more information and photos, you can visit this website.

scotland lighthouse airbnb rental
A "private island" lighthouse stay in Isleornsay, Scotland | Courtesy of Airbnb

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