This Map Shows The Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State

Courtesy of Netflix

These days, watching TV often beats engaging with the real world. If there's one minor thread connecting humans via some etherial bond, it might be the one billion hours per week people spent streaming Netflix content last year.

But what shows are the most popular across this great land? A new map from uses Google Trends data to illustrate each state's favorite show. It looks a lot like the site's map from laster year, but also different. 


What's cool and somewhat surprising: Orange Is The New Black, a show about female prison inmates that explores many topics that would conceivably make large segments of the country uncomfortable, is the most popular show in America. 

According to the data, the show was the most Googled in 15 states, which marks a nine state increase from last year, when it prevailed in only six. Second on the map is American Vandal, the over-the-top mockumentary about a high school scandal centering on who spray-painted a bunch of dicks on the faculty's cars. Toilet humor remains strong in the national conscience. 

Compared with last year, every single state had a new favorite show, minus Arizona; the state has tuned in to Orange Is The New Black for two years running. Overall, it's a very new complexion for the map, which only has Fuller HouseNarcosOrange Is the New Black, and Stranger Things rolling over from last year. 

While people's tastes are fickle, it is comforting to know that when there is TV to be watched, people will sit on their butts and watch it until their eyes burn. 

Here's the list of each state's favorite Netflix show:

Alabama: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Alaska: Star Trek: Discovery
Arizona: Orange Is the New Black
Arkansas: Orange Is the New Black
California: Ingobernable
Colorado: Star Trek: Discovery
Connecticut: Marvel's The Defenders
Washington, DC: 3%
Delaware: Big Mouth
Florida: Orange Is the New Black
Georgia: Orange Is the New Black
Hawaii: Black Mirror
Idaho: Travelers
Illinois: American Vandal
Indiana: Orange Is the New Black
Iowa: Mindhunter
Kansas: American Vandal
Kentucky: Orange Is the New Black
Louisiana: Orange Is the New Black
Maine: Marvel's The Defenders
Maryland: The Keepers
Massachusetts: American Vandal
Michigan: The Confession Tapes
Minnesota: American Vandal
Mississippi: Orange Is the New Black
Missouri: Ozark
Montana: Orange Is the New Black
Nebraska: Friends from College
Nevada: Riverdale
New Hampshire: Friends from College
New Jersey: Orange Is the New Black
New Mexico: Riverdale
New York: Orange Is the New Black
North Carolina: Orange Is the New Black
North Dakota: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Ohio: Orange Is the New Black
Oklahoma: Mindhunter
Oregon: Star Trek: Discovery
Pennsylvania: The OA
Rhode Island: GLOW
South Carolina: Orange Is the New Black
South Dakota: Fuller House
Tennessee: 3%
Texas: Ingobernable
Utah: Stranger Things
Vermont: Dear White People
Virginia: Narcos
Washington: Friends from College
West Virginia: Orange Is the New Black
Wisconsin: American Vandal
Wyoming: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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