These Are the Top Trending Spring Break Travel Destinations for 2023

Essential information, whether you want to avoid the crowds or join the party.

I grew up in Panama City Beach, Florida, which, for a time, was one of the biggest spring break destinations in the world. Over time, Fox News, conservative politicians, that one guy from Girls Gone Wild, and Club La Vela’s foam parties brought the bacchanal to an end as MTV was kicked out of the city and alcohol was banned on the beach. But even as the Spring Break hotspots change, there will always be young people in search of a good time.

And whether you want to be in the middle of the party or hundreds of miles away from it, it is useful to know where everyone seems to be headed for spring break 2023. RedWeek, a vacation rental site that connects users with empty timeshare rentals, has some crucial data on these points. Here are a few of the findings the company shared with Thrillist:

  • The Bahamas and Hawaii are among the top trending travel destinations for spring break 2023.
  • Mexico and Arizona are also trending up.
  • Hawaii makes up 25% of this year’s spring travel, already up from 21% the year prior.
  • Florida makes up 18% of overall bookings, compared to 22% in 2022.

Overall, RedWeek found that top March and April travel destinations include Colorado, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico. You can check out the trending and declining destinations below.

Courtesy of RedWeek

And just remember, no matter where you plan on going, there are plenty of ways to save on your spring break travel. Whether you are planning on doing a keg stand on a beach or skiing all week long, I hope you enjoy whatever you do safely!

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