These Are the Top Trending Travel Destinations of 2022, According to Google

The new ranking of top vacation spots is based on Google Flights data.

Editor's Note: We know COVID-19 is continuing to impact your travel plans. Should you travel now, be sure to familiarize yourself with the CDC's latest guidance on domestic and international travel as well as local requirements, protocols, and restrictions for both your destination upon your arrival and your home city upon your return. Be safe out there.

The end of the year is nearly upon us. Usually, it is a time for planning towards the future and looking ahead to new goals and new dreams. But, with all that forward thinking, it is important to look back too. Reflection is not only how you can learn lessons, but it can also establish if your choices were on trend or not. That's not exactly how a therapist (or any wise person) would frame it, but it's how I do.

So thankfully, Google has been compiling data on all of the searches we made this year, to share what and who was most popular as part of its annual "Google Year in Search" report. In terms of travel, the top trending destinations were quite literally all over the place.

Google shared the ten 10 trending destinations on Google Flights for 2022 with Thrillist:
1. London
2. Ho Chi Minh City
3. Paris
4. Delhi
5, Toronto
6. Rome
7. Mumbai
8. Vancouver
9. Lisbon
10. New York

Were any of these cities on your travel list for 2022? Maybe you spent a few days in Rome walking through ruins and basilicas and noshing on pizza. Maybe you ventured to Mumbai or Vancouver. Or maybe, 2022 wasn't as adventurous as you'd hoped it would be, and your Google Flights searching was a bit more aspirational. That's OK too. Dreaming and fantasizing is often the first and most crucial step in planning your travels.

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