This Is the Most Popular Valentine's Candy In Every State

If you put a lot of work into your Valentine's Day date, you don't want some ridiculous misstep to ruin everything. You placed your table reservation weeks in advance. You dry cleaned that outfit you've never cleaned before. You got flowers, but not roses, because you don't want to be predictable. On that same note, you decided to buy your date a bag of black licorice. Everyone likes candy, right?

Yes, but black licorice is gross. You want to buy candy people like. This map from could help. The bulk candy retailer dug through 10 years of candy sales data to find the most popular Valentine's Day candies.

Overall, the data showed that heart-shaped boxes of chocolate have long been the Valentine's Day candy of choice. After all, nothing says "I love you" like the candy stacked 100 boxes high right next to the check out at Walgreen's. Nonetheless, the boxes have slowly been trending down while conversation hearts have been trending up. In 2017, conversation hearts passed the boxes of chocolate to become the most popular candy on Cupid's big day. 

The data also revealed the most popular Valentine's Day candy for every state in the US.

For the most part, conversation hearts and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate dominate the map. You'll find the odd state that's in love with M&Ms or chocolate roses, but most states are chowing down on the big two.

Check out the interactive map above, and then be sure you aren't buying Fun Dip for your date, because apparently on Valentine's Day everyone forgets that Fun Dip is amazing.

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