The Most Popular Video Game in Every Country in the World

In case you've somehow been under a rock or busy shaking a stick at the sky, video games are a pretty big deal. In 2016 alone, the industry generated $90 billion in revenue, as well as a handful of big Hollywood adaptations that ranged from awful to simply mediocre. (Just kidding, World of Warcraft was underrated.)

In a new survey, looked at what the most popular video games are in every country around the world. It's a look at the most popular current games and not legacy games because hopefully everyone would still be playing "Mario Kart 64" if that was the case. 

The team created a list of the world's top games, then used Google Trends to suss out which games each country is digging most. (Starting from a set list of games may be part of why you don't see certain games making's list.)

In retrospect, "FIFA 17" seems like an obvious choice if you're guessing what would be tops in the most countries. "FIFA 17" topped the list in 15 countries, more than any other game. Many of the countries in this group -- Ireland, Costa Rica, Ghana, Italy, the U.K., among others -- are serious soccer nations. 

Among other games ranking well were "Overwatch," which was the top game in seven countries. Those countries were predominantly in southeastern Asia, where eSports are incredibly popular. (Though, that can increasingly be said about many countries.) Surprisingly, "League of Legends," a free game that might have seemed likely to be more present on the list, was only the top game in nine nations. 

In the US, despite middling reviews, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" was tops.

Take a look at the full report here and get a quick look across the globe in the map above. 

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