The Most Peaceful Tourist Spots in America, According to Visitor Reviews

A new analysis identified the best places to relax in every single state.

While adventure traveling is picking up in popularity, there’s still nothing like a good old fashion relaxing vacation. But sometimes, filtering through the "must-sees" to find the spots that are genuinely relaxing can feel nearly impossible—crowds, scams, and prices can quickly ruin an experience.

The folks over at vacation rental company Casago want to improve the odds of experiencing a relaxing vacation for everyone, and went through the top US destinations to find the most peaceful locations in every state. To do this, Casago analyzed the "Things to Do" section on Tripadvisor pages for 50 states, and 20 major US cities. Then, they ranked the number of times "peaceful" is mentioned per every 1,000 English-language reviews.

Based on this methodology, the most peaceful location overall is the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche at Mission Nombre de Dios in St. Augustine, Florida. A total of 41% of the reviews left on Tripadvisor mention the word "peaceful." Next came Sholom Park in Ocala, Florida, followed by Idaho Falls Temple & Visitor Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Check out the most peaceful locations in each state, the 20 most peaceful locations in the US, and the most peaceful locations in the largest cities in the US in the charts below.

Courtesy of Casago
Courtesy of Casago
Courtesy of Casago

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