These Fearless Folks Jump Into a Canyon Off a Slackline Like It's No Big Deal

Published On 11/01/2016 Published On 11/01/2016

For BASE jumpers, locating a unique jump is everything. That makes the Mothership Spacenet, created annually by professional slackliner Sketchy Andy Lewis, an incredible find. 

Every Thanksgiving, Lewis builds the Mothership Spacenet over a canyon in Moab, Utah. It's handmade with five slacklines and thousands of elastic bands woven together 400 feet above the canyon floor. Jumpers use a harness to travel from the edge of the cliff, across the web. When they reach the center they find a hole from which they can plummet into the canyon.

Last BASE jump of my 20's! Thanks boys! #slacklife

A video posted by Andy Lewis (@sketchyandy)

While the relatively short distance may seem tepid compared to diving from, say, 12,000 feet, it's still an intense fall. Lower heights pose many of their own dangers for BASE jumpers. (It also reveals just how insane the exploits of recently arrested jumper 8Booth are.)

Watch the thrill-seeking slackliners fling themselves from the Mothership Spacenet above. (For the curious, Lewis, the net's creator, is the first one to jump.) Then spend the rest of your day wondering how the divers managed to get themselves out of the canyon and back up to the cliff's edge.

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