White Knuckle Video of Motorcycle Crash Ends With Biker Sitting on Trunk

In a completely bizarre series of events, there are two videos of an insane crash on a highway near Tumwater, Washington involving a car and a motorcyclist. The video is wildly intense and the biker is lucky to be alive after he went over his handlebars onto the back of a moving car.

Somehow, the biker went from the bike to the trunk of the car in front of him as the car continued speeding down the highway. You can see the accident from an outside perspective in the video above. Below is helmet cam footage from the biker, who is seen pounding on the back window of the car to get the driver to stop. 

The motorcyclist, Seth Diechman, claims the car was to blame and didn't have any brake lights, according to a report

"As soon as I rolled onto his trunk, he just hit the gas and took off," said Diechman. "I grabbed his spoiler with my hand and was banging on the rear window with my hand." The State Patrol is still sorting out the details of the crash, but Diechman says he's thankful to be alive and that he wants the spoiler from that car. "That was the one thing that saved my life that day," he said.

Bikers, wear a helmet and don't try to replicate this. 

h/t Mashable

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