Mountain Dew Introduces Its Own Cookbook with Soda-Infused Recipes

Think: Code Red Brisket and Mountain Dew Brined Turkey.

Courtesy of Mountain Dew
Courtesy of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew has been around the block. In fact, the soda maker is celebrating 80 years on the market. But instead of honoring the milestone with something, say, predictable like a new drink, the Pepsi Co. subsidiary is launching a cookbook full of Dew-infused recipes. 

The project, which has been officially dubbed the Big Bold Book of MTN Dew Recipes, features a compilation of fan-made, fan-inspired, and fan-favorite culinary creations. The collection's got two-ingredient cupcakes, a Code Red Brisket, even Dew Brined Turkey and Stuffing for Thanksgiving.

"The relationship between MTN Dew and our fandom is the most exciting partnership, and we've continued to draw inspiration from these amazing people and to try to pay back the love they show us every single day," vice president of marketing Nicole Portwood said in a statement. "Our fans have been creating delicious, outrageous, and genuinely mind-blowing recipes with MTN DEW for years. In many ways, this is the long-overdue love letter to those beautiful edible creations and the people behind them. We're honored to share these recipes with the world in our first-ever curated cookbook!"

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

The 96-page collection is broken up into six parts: Bada$$ Breakfasts, Dippin' with DEW, DEW Does Dinner, Satisfying Sides, Dang Good Desserts, and Liquid Legends with how-to's for green eggs & ham, Mountain Dew-infused pickles, Electric Lemonade, even Mountain Dew Salsas—which would probably pair well with the brand's new hot sauce, too. 

The cookbook will be available for $30 in the Dew store beginning the week of November 16, but it's one of those limited time only deals, so don't procrastinate if you're planning to pick one up. If you want a little advanced notice on the drop, you can always join the DEW Nation HQ—where you'll score rewards and exclusive swag.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.