You Could Get Cash from Mountain Dew for Getting Outdoors

Here’s how to get it.

The view from inside of a camping tent looking out on nature.
Scott Goodwill/Unsplash

When the days get longer and warmer, the best place to be is outside. Between camping, hiking, bird watching, and beaching, there’s plenty to do out there, but snacks, gear, and sometimes even grounds passes and licenses will cost ya. So Mountain Dew will help pay some of those nominal fees in the interest of getting people out there. 

“Dew fans nationwide are eligible for a chance to receive a $25 reimbursement on their most recent outdoor pass or license for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more,” a press release reads. “Alternatively, in lieu of a digital gift card, DEW Nation can choose to give their Stimulus funds to a select group of charitable organizations that protect and support the great outdoors.”

To apply, photograph your 2020 or 2021 “outdoor license or recreational pass,” and submit it here from now through June 12. You can also technically enter for a chance to win $25 without an outdoor document, but if you enter the woods, and nobody’s around to give you money for it, did you really enter the woods? The company has committed $1 million to the initiative, and 40,000 $25 awards are available. See the fine print here

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