There's a New, Easy Way to Keep Facebook From Tracking You

After a slew of bad press over lax policies on sharing user data and a surging #deletefacebook movement, Mark Zuckerberg apologized with a full-page ad in global newspapers over the weekend, citing a "breach of trust." So if you feel like your trust has been thoroughly breached, that's understandable. If you don't, however, want to give up pictures of your friends' pets, there are plenty of precautions you can take to protect your data, and Mozilla just released a new, super-simple one.

All you have to do is download Firefox, and add the Facebook Container extension

 As its name implies, Facebook Container isolates your Facebook activity -- in a blue browser tab, no less -- from the rest of your web activity and stops Facebook from gathering information on the other sites that you visit. All Facebook activity will automatically take place in that tab, and the rest will be outside, blissfully unobserved. This doesn't exactly address the problems raised by the Cambridge Analytica situation, which was related to granting third-party apps access to your data, but it will stop Facebook from tracking you when you're outside Facebook and mean you won't see its share buttons (and their accompanying trackers) on the whole rest of the internet.

Facebook is tracking you on those sites to find what items you've been shopping for so it can then show you those products in ads on your Facebook page, a phenomenon you're probably all-too-familiar with/disturbed by.

While this alone may not keep you from deleting Facebook, this combined with some other privacy strategies might.

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