Watch Dry Ice Square Off Against Two Blow Torches

When you were a kid with a proclivity for destroying things, you probably got your mischievous mitts on some dry ice. It was fun. You pranked people at your school, and perhaps gave your elderly neighbors an aneurysm, just by adding water to the stuff. Oddly, adults sold you this dry ice without heeding the consequences.

Now you’re an adult, reading text on a screen, but the maniacs behind the MrGear YouTube channel are still manipulating dry ice like high school savages. This video will remind you of the warm comfort of adolescent destruction, as five different dry ice experiments take place.

Most notably, you’ll find that dry ice -- which is the solid form of carbon dioxide -- is impervious to a blowtorch. For the video’s final act, dry ice is placed on top of a Pepsi can -- because why not? -- and then sprayed with two violent flames. The dry ice prevails, but not before fusing to the soda can.

Being a high school chemistry teacher has never been more appealing.

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