Mr. Met Got Fired For Flipping Off a Fan

The Mets got thrashed 7-1 by the Milwaukee Brewers last night. This apparently upset the Met’s mascot, Mr. Met, who flipped off a fan as he exited the field. Footage of the incident was uploaded to Twitter by apparent super fan Tony T, who bore the brunt of the angry mascot’s actions. All Tony wanted was a high-five, he claims, but instead got one nasty finger.  

Because it’s uncommon for a mascot to flip the bird to anyone -- especially fans of the home team -- the Met’s issued an apology, saying in a statement: “We apologize for the inappropriate action of this employee. We do not condone this type of behavior. We are dealing with this matter internally."

Per the Associated Press, whoever was wearing the Mr. Met costume last night has been fired from the position. However, plenty of people are mourning the loss of this brazen hero, who clearly let wild emotion cloud their judgement. Twitter is awash with plenty of thoughts on the fate of the bird-flippin’ Mr. Met, who just wanted his middling ball club to do better:

Perhaps the most intriguing takeaway from the Mr. Met saga, someone smart noticed that the mascot is physically incapable of actually giving someone the middle finger, because he doesn't technically have one. Let the conspiracies begin! 

It's not all doom and gloom for the disgraced mascot, though. He has his sympathizers. Worse things have been done at sporting events.  

[h/t AP]

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Sam Blum applauds Mr. Met being the most New York mascot in the history of New York mascots by flipping the bird to his own fans. That's what New York mascots should do. Follow him @Blumnessmonster.