Watch an iPhone 5 Explode on a Bed of 20,000 Matches

It’s no secret that iPhones are sometimes wont to exploding. Just refer to the mysterious case of the smoldering iPhone 6’s in China, or these two unlucky young women. But, there are some people who punish electronics for sport. Enter the pyro-freaks at MrGear, who thought it would be wise to throw an iPhone 5 onto a bed of 20,000 lit matches.

So what happens under this premise? Well, there are sparks and the rapid pop of plastic and metal sizzling into a bubbly heap, that’s what. The device sounds like a firecracker or pistol, dancing on the matches as it burns to a crisp. It’s totally metal.

Crack open a soda and observe, amigos:

If you’re still thirsting for carnage, MrGear has more where that came from. The channel has nearly 6 million followers and tons of crazy videos -- in which they douse things in liquid nitrogen, and plunge knives heated to 1,000 degrees into regular household items, like groceries. So subscribe, and allow yourself to kill countless hours of boredom.

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