This Fan-Favorite Mtn Dew Flavor Is Back by Popular Demand

There will also be two new ways to enjoy the beverage.

Courtesy of Mtn Dew

Mtn Dew is bringing back its very popular Mtn Dew Pitch Black flavor for just a while starting in January 2023. A representative for Mtn Dew confirmed the beverage's return, and credited the reemergence of the drink to an overwhelming number of requests from fans. There was even a petition to bring the flavor back.

The drink was first released in 2004, and then later from 2016 to 2019. Now, for its third debut, fans of flavor will also be able to try out the new Mtn Dew Pitch Black Zero Suger and Mtn Dew Energy Pitch Black drinks which will also be making their way to shelves for a limited time in January 2023. For those who aren't familiar with the flavor and maybe didn't sign the petition demanding its return, the drink has a "dark citrus punch" flavor according to the Fast Food Post.

The Mtn Dew Twitter account reconfirmed that the beverage won't be around long this next time, either. The account suggests that fans of Pitch Black plan on stocking up while they can, which I inferred meant that there's no promise for its return anytime soon after this January 2023 release.

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