MTV is Rebooting 'My Super Sweet 16' So Get Ready For More Teen Tantrums

America’s fascination with teens, which extends to their arbitrary brand-allegiances and awarding their Snapchat genius with lifetime supplies of shoes, is rearing itself again with a familiar TV show.

MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 is rebooting for the next generation of teens who totally don’t care about popularity.The show’s next iteration, set for a May 14 premiere, won’t just highlight all the drama and lavish high school parties though, as the network writes: “Quinceañeras, debutante balls, ‘Bro Mitzvahs’ and more are going to unfold during the half-hour installments.”

Bro Mitzvahs and more! What else could you hope to gain from a half-hour on the couch? 

But MTV isn’t stopping with teen bacchanals, as Sweet 16 will be paired with Promposal, a show documenting the process of asking someone you’ll soon forget about to the prom. With the latter program, you can expect everything from “promposals ranging from a Zombie-themed invitation to a choreographed flash mob, the 30-minute series will highlight teens pulling out all the stops to land their dream date.” MTV, which knows teens, casted Sweet 16 on an app, because it is an expert at millennial outreach. 

The original My Super Sweet 16 aired from 2005-2008, and was something of a cultural flashpoint, if only for images of screaming teens throwing tantrums. And praise heaven, they’re getting the chance to do so on national television once more.

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