Mystery Science Theater 3000 Just Broke Kickstarter's All-Time Record

Published On 12/14/2015 Published On 12/14/2015

At this point, you could probably call the show MST5M. Get it? Because they raised $5.7 million. Anyway, the original goal was $2 million, which would acquire full rights to the series (production company legalities you probably don't wanna read about) that would produce three new episodes. But because the Kickstarter obliterated that goal, a full 14 new episodes are on the way. Not only that -- as UPI reports, MST3K's campaign broke Veronica Mars' previous funding record of $5,702,153 in 2014 to raise $5,764,229, along with an additional $600,000 in merchandise, making it the most successful video Kickstarter in the site's history.