After a Decade Away, Oreo Cakesters Are Coming Back & There's a New Flavor

The best part? They're not going anywhere.

Courtesy of Nabisco
Courtesy of Nabisco

A decade ago, Nabisco decided to pull Cakesters from store shelves, much to the dismay of customers. In the years since, the company has been flooded with messages begging to bring them back. The dessert gods took their sweet time, but they have finally answered the public's prayers. Cakesters are back, and they're here to stay.

Nabisco is bringing back Cakesters in two varieties. There are the original Oreo Cakesters customers already know and love, and then there's the new cake on the block, Nutter Butter Cakesters. The cakesters will be just like the ones rolled out 10 years ago. They'll feature soft-baked outer cookies and creme filling in the center, with Oreo creme in the former and peanut butter creme in the latter.

Courtesy of Nabisco

Both offerings will be permanent additions to Nabisco's extensive lineup of prepackaged desserts. Cakesters will be available nationwide beginning in 2022, but customers will have a chance to get their hands on them a little early. To have a shot at winning a sample before the 2022 release, you'll need to follow Oreo's social media channels, and you may want to set alerts for its posts, too, especially if you're impatient.

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