Hot Cocoa is Oreo's Newest Speciality Flavor

On the face of it, Oreos -- and cookies in general -- are simplistic to a fault. But Nabisco keeps reinventing its flagship snack in enough ways to make Oreos ever-more irresistible, like a North Star of the cookie world.

According to Food Beast, hot cocoa-flavored Oreos are poised to hit grocery store shelves in 2017. Presumably, the new flavor is holiday-themed, following Nabisco’s recent apple-pie flavored Oreos, which will surely prompt joy upon their release around Labor Day.

TheJunkFoodAisle -- a popular Instagram account run by an artist who designs mock-up packaging for popular junk food-peddlers -- provides a rendering of what the glorious treat might look like:

Maybe it’s because Winter is coming, but it seems like hot cocoa is cropping up everywhere. Starbucks recently got in on the chocolate madness, creating a hot cocoa-meets-snickerdoodle concoction that sounds downright sinful.

If you’re not getting your speciality Oreo fix quick enough, keep an eye on the food site Junk Banter, as it should post an update whenever news trickles through the grapevine. In the meantime, bliss-out on these Swedish Fish-flavored Oreos, or become an Oreo master by learning some of the cookie’s deep, dark secrets.

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