Naked Australian Accidentally Headbutts Shark, Survives by Punching the Sh*t Out of It

Anytime you're in a body of water -- whether it's the ocean or just the bathtub -- there's some fear that you might run into a shark. Generally, you're safer from this than you feel. But there's still a chance that you end up like the Australian man who, this very week, not only came across a shark while swimming, but also headbutted it, and was also naked. As you might imagine, the shark was not pleased.

That unlucky man is Paul Kenny, and he was body-surfing off the New South Wales coast at around 7am on Saturday when the attack happened, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. He swam out from the local nudist beach he was camping at to where the water was around chest-high. Then, he told the Herald, "I went to catch the last wave back in, put my head down and headbutted the shark." 

The shark latched onto his right arm, so he "started hitting it and punching it to get it off." Kenny believes it was a bull shark but, because the water was churned up, he couldn't tell for sure. The bite eventually resulted in 20 stitches, but in the meantime, Kenny just held his arm in an attempt to stop the bleeding while he swam back to shore. "I didn't know where it was and if it was going to take my legs," he added.

When he finally made it back, others at the beach tended to his wounds, and he was quickly transported to the hospital. 

“I didn’t think we would be treating a shark victim with no pants on," one of those who came to his aid told The Sun, "but he was starkers all the way.”

To his credit, Kenny doesn't harbor any grudges against the shark. "I was in his world," he explained. "He was just going about his business and I headbutted him so he retaliated."

Naked bodysurfing shark-puncher, we salute you.

h/t Syndey Morning Herald, The Sun

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