The Murder Mystery Wine-Train for Harry Potter Fans Is Back

The Napa Valley Wine Train is running tours for its "Wizards and Witches" murder mystery, as well as holiday rides.

Photo courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Train

The modern Amtrak ride doesn't come with fedoras and suits like an old film noir. A train ride can, however, involved dressing up as long as your version of dressing up involves wands and dress robes. 

The Napa Valley Wine Train is selling tickets to some of its popular themed rides this fall and winter, all of which are going to, of course, feature wine. Among the rides taking place for the remainder of 2021 is one that is a perfect fit for Harry Potter fans. It's called "Wizards and Witches," and it's a murder mystery performance with wizards. 

Last season's announcement described the "Wizards and Witches" experience as "Real Life Theater." At the time, the company explained, "The suspects will appear as 'real people' and not on-stage actors, and the mystery will occur as 'actual events' rather than a performance. You will be in a place where things will happen all around you, and you may not be able to see all of the clues. Be aware of your surroundings and feel free to question characters to deduce what really happened."

The murder mystery train rides are done in collaboration with the Murder Mystery Company, which will host the almost-Harry Potter performance on October 9, 16, and 23, as well as a single installment of the "Crime and Punishment" performance on November 13. The two-hour trek will cost you $505 and includes a multi-course dinner. Those are the only murder mystery rides for the remainder of the year. All other rides are holiday-themed experiences. 

Here are tours taking place through the holiday season on the Napa Valley Wine Train. 

Wizards and Witches (Wizard murder mystery)
October 2, 9, 16, and 23

Crime and Punishment (A 20's attire murder mystery)
Only available on November 13.

Give Thanks Onboard (Thanksgiving-themed ride)
Only available for lunch on November 25. 

“Jingle + Mingle” at the Wine Train (holiday-themed rides)
The Gourmet Express and The Legacy Tour will have holiday-themed additions to the experience starting November 25. 
Carolers and holiday music performances takes place outside the station from 9:30-11 am on December 18, 19, 23, and 24.

A Journey to the New Year (New Year's-themed ride)
Lunch on the Gourmet Express or the Vista Dome on December 31

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