The Napa Valley Wine Train Murder Mystery Ride for Harry Potter Fans Is Coming Back

The Napa Valley Wine Train's murder mystery rides are back in 2022.

napa valley wine train schedule
Courtesy of the Napa Valley Wine Train
Courtesy of the Napa Valley Wine Train

Who says you have to be going somewhere to hop on a train? Sometimes the best trips just bring you right back to where you started. (Something, something, it's the journey, not the destination. Right?)

That's certainly the case with the Napa Valley Wine Train, which is big on wine, as you might expect. It's also big on themed murder mysteries. It has announced its full Murder Mystery Tour lineup for 2022. Most importantly, for many, its magic- and wizard-heavy murder mystery ride is back.

The Murder Mystery Company, which puts on the performances, first hosted a show with the Napa Valley Wine Train in 2019. It has since become a popular annual attraction, including sold-out wizard-themed treks. 

napa valley wine train mystery
Courtesy of the Napa Valley Wine Train

Here's a look at what is coming up this year and when you can hop aboard the re-named, magical "Wizards of Wine Country" trains.

  • May 19 – Till Death Do Us Part
  • June 2 – Death of a Gangster
  • June 16 – Till Death Do Us Part
  • June 30 – I Love the '80s to Death
  • July 14 – Best Laid Plans
  • July 28 – A Dance with Death
  • August 11 – Death of a Gangster
  • August 25 – Midnight Masquerade
  • September 8 – Death of a Gangster
  • September 22 – Till Death Do Us Part
  • October 6 – Wizards of Wine Country
  • October 13 – Wizards of Wine Country
  • October 20 – Wizards of Wine Country
  • October 27 – Wizards of Wine Country

Each journey aboard the train has a two-hour mystery to be solved, which includes a multi-course dinner crafted by Executive Chef Rodrigo Cuadra. There is also wine and themed dressing up. So, you might have to dust off your dress robes if you're heading out to live your wizard fantasy.

This year's lineup also includes a couple of new themes and dress guidelines. For "Best Laid Plans," the recommended dress is Hollywood glamour, wedding dresses and suits for "Till Death Do Us Part," and '50s-era attire for "A Dance with Death."

Though, dinner and an interactive murder mystery on a restored train aren't free. It starts at $405 per person before you add in the wine. (And it's the Napa Valley Wine Train. What are you going to do? Not have wine?)

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