This NASA Astronaut's High-Def Video of Earth Is So Beautiful It Hurts

With any luck and maybe some help from Elon Musk, gazing down at the Earth from space will be as convenient and accessible as visiting a skyscraper's observation deck someday. Astronauts, however, have enjoyed the stunning view for years, and now, the NASA astronaut who has spent more time in space than any other American has released a video in which he explains how the breathtaking sight still blows him away.

Astronaut Jeff Williams, who has spent a whopping 534 days in space throughout his career, used his recent trip to the International Space Station to capture high-definition images and video of Earth from 250 miles above its surface. Thanks to NASA, you get to see clips of Williams' dazzling footage of our planet -- from beautiful cloud formations to magnificent sunsets -- while the astronaut explains the beauty of the planet and why it's important that we all experience it, too. 

"When you're finished and you're back on Earth, the memories diminish quickly," Williams says in the video, which you can watch above. "So, to capture the memories, to be able to bring back the experience to others and viewing this planet -- now we can see it on a global scale and maybe grow in our appreciation of those things that are unique to Earth."

Basically, it's five solid minutes of planet porn and it'll give you a renewed sense of gratitude for the giant blueberry of a world we call home.

h/t Gizmodo

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