NASA’s Pumpkin-Carving Skills Will Make You Embarrassed of Your Ugly Jack-o’-Lantern

There's an annual tradition at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of carving pumpkins that put damn near everyone else to shame. The entries exhibit admirable carving skills, but what often takes them to the next level is the creativity, engineering, and wildly elaborate backdrops.

The team at the JPL exhibited their pumpkins on Monday, October 29, and images of the creations were shared on Twitter by Aaron Yazzie, a mechanical engineer at the NASA/JPL. NASA didn't publicly share the ribbon-winner, but Gizmodo reports there was a tie for the top prize between a Coco-themed pumpkin and the bureaucratic nightmare titled "The Infinite Paperwork Inside Every Spacecraft."

Nonetheless, there were tons of excellent pumpkins and picking a champion almost seems superfluous with standouts like the E.T. pumpkin, a Banksy display that shreds/tags a $20, Ziggy Starshade, and a beautifully macabre Space Force jack-o'-lantern.

Check out some of the entries below and head to NASA's Flickr page to see some of the carvings/creations in process.

If your jack-o'-lantern holds a candle to these, you have everyone's respect.

h/t Gizmodo

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