Airport Ruins Bags With Clogged Toilet and This Anchor Can't Stop Laughing

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KTLA | News Be Funny

Earlier this month the Nashville International Airport put travelers in a crappy situation. A clogged toilet positioned above baggage claim "sprayed" the luggage of travelers coming off a Southwest flight. After being doused in sewage, the bags were sanitized, and some travelers were offered compensation based on the... uh... level of saturation.

The story got a little air time on Los Angeles's KTLA 5 News. Two of the station's three presenters had a tough time getting through the story without laughing uncontrollably. That was partly because of the euphemisms and partly because of their own jokes.

One anchor couldn't help himself and interjected, "Corn? How did this get in my bag?"

The airport says it is taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again because, somehow, this isn't the first time a clogged toilet in that bathroom has soiled luggage at the baggage claim. Bags were sullied in June of last year as well. The airport also added that some of the affected passengers opted to cut their losses and leave their bags behind.

A lot of terrible things can happen at the airport. Having your toiletries steeped in poop water is an unexpected addition to that list.

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