Here's How to Get Free Ice Cream From Breyers Today

breyers free ice cream
Courtesy of Breyers
Courtesy of Breyers

'Free ice cream? But I thought National Chocolate Ice Cream Day had already past,' says someone with far too firm a grasp of national food holidays. Nonetheless, this hypothetical person invented solely for the purpose of a lede is correct. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day was Thursday, but Breyers is giving out free ice cream on Friday, June 8 for [checks notes] National Best Friend Day. 

Now that you know why your Instagram feed is lousy with sepia-toned images of childhood buddies arm-in-arm, you can move on to more important things. Breyers is doling out two pints of Cookies and Cream -- one for you, one for your best friend -- in celebration of the friendly holiday. 

Starting at noon local time, residents of Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco just have to tweet the hashtag #BreyersBFF with the two hearts emoji and the ice cream cone emoji. Then they'll contact you to set up a free delivery of two pints of Cookies and Cream that very day. 

If you don't live in one of those cities, you aren't being totally left out. The Breyers site is offering coupons for $2.50 off a pint on Friday. 

If you don't like the rationale behind the giveaway, maybe it's a good day to make amends with a coworker. Everyone loves free ice cream, especially when it's a surprise. 

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