Everywhere You Can Get Free Hot Dogs for National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day 2018

July is a bad month to be a hot dog. Odds are, you're going to be eaten. It's not just peak cookout season, more than 150 million hot dogs are wolfed down on the Fourth of July. Then, just days later, it's National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday, July 18.

To celebrate the day, several major chains across the country -- Dog Haus, 7-Eleven, Sonic, Pilot Flying J, and more -- are offering deals for free or super-cheap hot dogs. You might see if the best hot dogs in the country are available in your backyard, or you might take a look at all the places dishing up free and discounted dogs (see our list below). 

It makes sense that America would want to celebrate its unofficial national food. Americans throw back 20 billion dogs annually. In any case, get your ketchup and mustard ready, and get out there. You'll be double-fisting hot dogs in no time.

Free Hot Dogs for National Hot Dog Day

Pilot Flying J
The deal: This is pretty straightforward. Download or open the myPilot app, and you'll have an offer waiting for you. It gets you a free hot dog or another item off the roller grill. That's it. Real easy.
When: July 18

Dog Haus
The deal: Download and register for the Dog Haus app and get a free Haus Dog if you're a new user. Only available on dine-in orders.
When: July 18

Love's Travel Stops
The deal: Grab a free hot dog when you're passing through. All you have to do is flash a barcode at the register, which you can find on any of the travel stop's social media channels.
When: July 18

The deal: Open up the QT app while you're stopping for gas, and you'll find an offer for a free hot dog
When: July 18

National Hot Dog Day 2018
Courtesy of Wienerschnitzel

Hot Dog Deals for National Hot Dog Day

The deal:
 Pick up any of the convenience store's Big Bite hot dogs for a buck. That includes The Reaper, which is topped with a Carolina Reaper seasoning. Condiments like chili, cheese, pickles, onions, and relish are free.
When: July 18

The deal:
It's an easy day to buy lunch for the office. You can grab five chili cheese dogs for just $5.
When: July 18

The deal: It's not specifically for National Hot Dog Day, but Sonic offers half-price corn dogs daily from 2-4pm. Think of it as a corn dog happy hour. 
When: Ongoing

The deal: Grab a pair of hot dogs for only $5 as Portillo's celebrates hot dogs all week long.
When: Through July 22

Hwy 55
The deal: From 2-5pm, you can get a 99-cent dog, reports WTKR.
When: July 18

Philly Pretzel Factory
The deal:
Grab a $1 pretzel dog all day long. Additionally, the first 100 people will get a card for a $1 pretzel dog every day in August. 
When: July 18

Harris Teeter
The deal: Load up for your next cookout. Get 14 oz. Ball Park Angus Franks for just $1.99 and an eight-pack of Wonder hot dog buns for $0.99.
When: July 18

Hopdoddy Burger Bar
The deal: All 23 locations are offering a deal on the Great Hambino, a burger with a dog on top. Then it's layered with great hot dog fixin's like relish, diced onions, pickles, peppers, and mustard. In honor of this sacred hot dog holiday, the Great Hambino will be just $5 during happy hour.
When: July 18, 3-6:30pm

Other Food Deals on Hot Dog Day

The deal: Get any sandwich except a Signature Sandwich or a Quarter Pounder for just $1 with the McDonald's app. Here's everything you need to know
When: Ongoing

Dairy Queen
The deal: Sign up for the DQ mobile app, and you'll automatically get a free small Blizzard. Here are the details.
When: Ongoing

More Hot Dog Deals?

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