You'd Never Guess These Gorgeous Hotel Lobbies Are in National Parks

And a number of state park hotels have their own cool vibes too.

lake mcdonald lodge glacier national park
The Lake McDonald Lodge lobby, located in Glacier National Park | George Rose/Getty Images News
The Lake McDonald Lodge lobby, located in Glacier National Park | George Rose/Getty Images News

It looks like the National Park Service has a keen eye for design to accompany its incredible social media presence.

In a tweet that recently went viral racking up almost 19,000 likes, a Twitter user posted four different lobby pictures from hotels owned by the National Park Service, and we must just say—they are pretty stunning.

"The lobbies at hotels that are owned by the national park service are pretty reliably cool as hell," writes the user in the caption. According to the same user, the photos come from four different hotels located in some of America's most iconic national parks, namely Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, and Yellowstone. Wooden structures and buffalo-inspired decor alternate with more modern, even industrial traits, and Victorian-esque couches even make an appearance. Don't get me started on the chandeliers from what allegedly is the hotel lobby at Glacier National Park—they look like they're straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

As some other Twitter users point out in response to the viral tweet, though, state park hotels have their own flair to flaunt, too. "State Park but The Lodge @ Wakulla Springs is [fire emoji]" writes one of them, attaching a photo of the gorgeous lobby in question, embellished with beautiful ceiling paintings and decorations.

In the comments, a slew of people share their favorite National Park hotel lobbies, from one in Olympic National Park to Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon, which is apparently owned by the US Forest Service. Check out some of our favorites below:

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