National Parks Are Offering Free Admission on August 25, But With Some Caveats

Ceeeeeelebrate good times, with a mask on!


When national parks shut down in March, we had to resort to visiting them via Google's beautiful virtual tours. They were interesting to look at, but the concept sort of made me clinically depressed. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then -- most of the parks are open, and the National Park Service continues to celebrate its own birthdays with a tradition of waiving entrance fees. 

In celebration of the National Park Service's 104th birthday, all parks will be free to enter on August 25, according to a press release on the NPS website. On that day in 1916, our nature boy Woody Wilson signed legislation that made the NPS legit. Since then, its more than 400 sites have been a second home to millions of Americans. 

Thing is, major facilities on the sites may still be closed due to COVID-19. Or the camping may be restricted heavily, and you won't be able to get a reservation. Basically, The Outside is complicated these days, so be sure to check on this website

By the way, this isn't the only day of the year when entrance to national parks is free; consider a trip on Veterans Day or National Public Lands Day. 

The National Park Service currently recommends that people wear face coverings, but it isn't mandatory. That means you should wear one in highly populated areas, for the love of gosh, especially near people you don't know.

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