Pineapple Pizza Is One of the Fastest-Growing Trends Right Now

There were 76% more orders of the controversial pizza in 2021.

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In case you missed the memo, today is a very important US holiday: National Pizza Day. And while the decision to celebrate is hardly controversial, your toppings might be. Pizza delivery app Slice has analyzed our ordering habits, and as it turns out, more people are on board with the often-debated pineapple pie than they're maybe willing to admit. 

Among Slice's findings, there have been 76% more pineapple pizza orders in the last year alone, with eaters from Utah being the most likely to request the topping. But pineapple pizza isn't the only trending pizza. Dairy-free pizza was up a whopping 333%, while there were 163% more New Haven-style orders too. 

"We looked at millions of orders over the past year to share our insights with pizza makers and pizza eaters alike," Slice CEO and Founder Ilir Sela said in a press release. "Slice is proud to leverage our tools, and data to give independent pizzerias a look at the 2022 trends to come that will ultimately inform their menus and help them serve more customers fulfilling our mission to keep local thriving."

That's not all Slice found. According to the delivery platform, the Super Bowl was the most popular day for delivery in all of 2021, pepperoni is the go-to topping, and West Virginia is the most likely state to order ranch on the side. 

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Here are some other findings of note:

  • The most popular dates to order pizza in 2021 were the Super Bowl, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, and New Year's Eve.
  • 6 pm was the most popular time to order.
  • Friday was the most popular day of the week to order.
  • French Fries were the most popular side.
  • The Mona Lisa Pizza from Divino Pizzeria Grill in Pennsylvania cost $399.99, making it the most expensive. 
  • New York is the state with the most shops open late. 
  • Massachusetts is the state with the most shops open early. 
  • Mississippi had the most orders Monday through Thursday. 
  • New Jersey was the most likely to add gourmet ingredients. 

Check out the full report here

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.