Celebrate National Rum Day With a Coloring Book & Impossible Puzzle From Kraken Rum

Get lost at sea in a squid ink black puzzle.

kraken puzzle
Courtesy of Kraken

A boozy holiday calls for more than just the booze of the day. It requires an accompaniment. Friends. A bar. Corn hole. Something. In the midst of a pandemic, the options are without question more limited.

For National Rum Day on August 16, Kraken Rum has come up with some unexpected activities that might get you a little more in the merrymaking spirit. A pair of at-home activities are up in its store to keep you busy whenever you decide to celebrate the sugary depth of a rum cocktail

Kraken has launched a deep-sea-themed coloring book with a whole lot of tentacles that need filling in. (Also, if you aren't a huge rum fan but are excited for Seattle's new hockey team to start playing -- something that won't happen for a couple of years -- the coloring book isn't a bad way to kick off your love affair with the Seattle Kraken.)

kraken puzzle coloring book
Courtesy of Kraken

And while the puzzle-mania of early social distancing has waned, that might be because you've conquered the puzzles in your house and thought they were a bit too easy. Well, Kraken has an all-black puzzle that will eat up many nights of work. In addition to being headache-inducing, the tricky puzzle comes with a surprise. There's a glow-in-the-dark message hidden in the (squid) inky depths of the puzzle. If you complete it and get the code, it will "unlock a prize at the Kraken merch store," according to the rum slinger's announcement. 

Alternatively, if you're lost at sea in the 18th century and don't have a healthy fear of the kraken, these would also be nice time-killing activities between ports. Not sure about the delivery options to ships lost at sea, though.

kraken all black puzzle
Courtesy of Kraken

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