Moe's Has a National Taco Day Deal for Free Tacos Today

National Taco Day Moe's Southwest Grill deal
Courtesy of Moe's Southwest Grill

National food holidays are rampant -- don't forget National Mushroom Day is this month! -- but the one that lands on October 4 is damn serious. National Taco Day is a holiday that demands respect. Everyone should be training for it and banks should be closed. Not the real training of sweating day after day and working hard, but more of a Rocky-style training montage.

The training is necessary because there are a ton of taco deals on National Taco Day. Moe's Southwest Grill is going to be part of that celebration. The fast-casual chain with a Chief Taco Officer is running a buy-two-get-one-free taco deal from October 4 through October 7. Wait. Is that BTGO then or is it still a BOGO? Buy-one-order-of-two-tacos-get-one-free? BOOTTGOF? Either way. Free taco!

To get yourself into a small pile of tacos, you'll have to download the Moe's mobile app. Once you've got that, twiddle your thumbs until October 4 when the offer will be dropped into your account. Then you're on your way to taco heaven. 

If Moe's isn't your game, Thrillist has a running list of National Taco Day deals to help you find the taco that makes you want to say "I do."

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