You Get Free Fried Fish if You Talk Like a Pirate at Long John Silver's Today

long john silver's fried fish shrimp basket
Courtesy of Long John Silver's

If you love walking around with a costume eye patch, a parrot prop on your shoulder, and most importantly, a hilariously terrible pirate impression, then boy oh boy do I have news for you. National Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, that's a real thing) is Thursday, September 19, and the mateys over at Long John Silver's are giving out tons of fried fish for free. 

To receive a single free piece of fish, all you have to do is throw out some common pirate phrases at your local Long John Silver's on the perplexing holiday -- no pirate costume, questionable hygiene choices, or thirst for rum required. Here's some for inspiration for what to say:

  • They're after me fried fish booty
  • Shiver me timbers, do I want some free food
  • I'll send ye to Davey Jone's Locker if you don't give me free fish right now

Then again, if you really want to up the ante, you can dress like a pirate -- complete with skull-and-cross-bone bandana, maybe some hoop earrings, and a peg leg -- to get a free two-piece Fish Basket. And as us landlubbers know, two free fish treasures are better than one. 

This promotion runs for one day only, at participating restaurants, so make sure you gather a crew of your best scallywags and seadogs and head to the fast seafood chain for some free pirate booty.

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