Ski Dude Is Overly Chill About Being Impaled By Tree Branch

Published On 03/08/2017 Published On 03/08/2017
skier with stick through face
Natty Hagood | Dustin Nelson

There's an unwritten rule everyone abides by. It states you do not have to be chill if a stick goes through your face. However, Natty Hagood doesn't care about this rule. 

The 29-year-old ski instructor had an accident while skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He "cut it a little too close to a tree while skiing," as he says on the Go Fund Me page where he's getting help with the expenses associated with having the stick surgically removed from his head.

Be warned: The images below are a little gruesome. 

Natty Hagood
Natty Hagood

Hagood told the Idaho State Journal how it all went down.

“I was coming down Thunder and it was our first run of the day,” he said. “I had made the first five turns and was coming back to lift line when I saw a gap between two trees. With my experience, you can bash between trees and it’s not that big of a deal. But this time I guess I didn’t get away with it.

“I thought maybe my chinstrap got pushed up into my face, so I tried to brush it off and that’s when I felt the stick. So, I shook left to right and saw the stick moving in my peripherals. I reached out and grabbed it and wiggled it before realizing it was pretty far in there."

He was apparently as calm in the moment as he was while posing for pictures at the hospital. In the moments after the accident, he says, “I yelled over to Pete, ‘Hey look I got a new piercing.’”

Even with insurance, Hagood had some significant hospital bills to deal with, including his $1,250 deductible. However, with the help of some friends and kind people online, he reached the goal and is nearly back to normal. Except for the part where he's drinking beer through a straw for the time being. 

Natty Hagood

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