Virtual Students Can Live in This Natty Light Dorm, Equipped With a Gaming System

Yes Natty, give college kids "a semester’s worth of Natty Light beer money to enjoy responsibly."

Courtesy of Natty Light
Courtesy of Natty Light

Being home during college sucks. Most parents won't allow you to drink in excess and roll down the stairs, nor will they comply with your self-imposed curfew of 7am. That's why students forced to go to school virtually this fall must apply for a chance to live in Natty Light's new "dorm from home" mobile unit. 

There are myriad reasons to appreciate college, most of which require a lack of maturity and the absence of parents. Beer brand Natty Light has a good grasp of this problem, so it's offering an impractical mobile dorm equipped with a gaming system -- but no toilet -- to one person who is willing to park it in their backyard or driveway. Other amenities include a $180 pre-paid card for beer, a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge, heat, and "chill vibes." 

“Having to miss a semester on-campus is a devastating feeling for our fans,” said Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, in a press release. “We could never replace the full experience, but Dorm From Home will give a piece of the college lifestyle back to one lucky fan and more importantly, it’s a reminder to the full Natty community that the college experience is worth celebrating, no matter where you are.”

The company is asking that folks 21 and over post a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #DormFromHome and #contest, along with the reason they deserve their own place this semester. Natty will then select a winner based on who seems the most desperate -- sorry, creative -- and aligned with the company's values of drinking and having fun (responsibly). 

See the full list of rules here. The contest started Wednesday and ends right before midnight ET on August 18, 2020. The company will notify the winner via direct message on the social media platform (within a few weeks), and the person will have 48 hours to reply and accept the home. Natty Light will deliver the home soon after. 

Natty Light has been a trust fund for young drinkers in more ways than one this year. So far, it's offered to pay off our student loans, give us a $40 an hour internship, and get us buzzed on highly alcoholic lemonade beer.

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