Natty Light Is Giving You a Free Case of Beer for Filing Your Taxes

natural light taxes

Just because the deadline to file your taxes has been extended doesn't mean the process is somehow not still overly complicated and frustrating. Filing by July 15 will be just as horrible as filing in April. You're going to want a beer when you're done with it all. (Though, we don't have to pretend like that's novel. This isn't the first time you've felt like the reward for a completed job should be a beer, whether or not the task was difficult.)

The big difference between this and when you rewarded yourself with beer for finally taking a shower while working remotely is that the beer is going to be free this time. If you file with TaxAct, Natural Light is going to hook you up with an entire case of Natty. "We recognize completing a tax return is a major accomplishment for filers and collaborating with Natty offers us a fun way to help our filers confidently take control of their taxes and celebrate a job well done," said TaxAct President Curtis Campbell in a statement.

The free beer will come in the form of a rebate for the beer you go out and buy yourself. However, they are hooking you up with a full case of any Natural Light beer, which means you can choose from the original Natty, Naturdays, or Natural Light Hard Seltzer. You just have to upload your TaxAct filing confirmation and the receipt for your beer to to get money back from the A-B InBev-owned brewery. 

There's a bit of run-around, but if you're spending a bunch of time inside, maybe the extra legwork is a nice distraction. Plus, since you have to buy the beer first, you can upload your receipt while drinking your soon-to-be free beer. 

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