Natty Light Launches New Sour Seltzers

It's yet another hard seltzer release, but this one is a little different.

natural light sour hard seltzer
Image courtesy of Natural Light

Even when you've seen its new products and raised your eyebrows, it's hard to argue that Natty Light is unfamiliar with its base. Each release from the beer you drank in college seems to hit the sweet spot for loyal Natty Light drinkers, whether we're talking about Naturdays, freeze pops, or its various hard seltzers. (Maybe to a lesser extent Natty Daddy.)

So, that may be the case with its eyebrow-raising new drink, Natural Light Sour Seltzer. There have been a whole lot of new hard seltzers over the last few months, but even so, this stands out. The limited-time-only release is arriving in a variety pack featuring four flavors with names almost as eye-roll-inducing as Gordon Ramsay's hard seltzers. Inside the box, you'll find Rind & Dined Watermelon, No Capple Green Apple, Razzle Dazzle Blue Raspberry, and Slice for What Lemon.

If it's not immediately clear from the, uh, everything about Natty's Sour Seltzer, the "sour" referred to in the name is more akin to Sour Patch Kids than to wild-fermented beer. The flavors are candy-like. In fact, the Blue Raspberry one tastes almost exactly like a blue raspberry Blow Pop. If that sounds like what you need on a Friday night, they're available nationwide for a limited time right now. 

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