Extremely Guilty Person Sends $500 to Local Bar for Incident 45 Years Ago

Every person in life has an imaginary devil and angel on their shoulders, bickering the merits of guilt and moral conscience, good and evil. In Lincoln, Nebraska, it appears the angel may have won out -- albeit a whopping 45 years later -- after an anonymous letter and $500 in a blank envelope appeared at a local bar for something that happened there decades ago. 

The letter, which has no indication of who sent it, was mailed to Lincoln's downtown Zoo Bar. It reads, "45 years ago I broke the Zoo Bar sign. Here is my restitution." Funnily enough, Zoo Bar is a mere 46-years-old, which means the anonymous sign-destroyer wreaked havoc during the bar's infancy. But, hey, we've all made mistakes after a night out where one drink turned into several.

“Did this really torment them all that long?” Pete Watters, the bar's current owner, questioned on 1011 Now. “Or is it something else that inspired them to do that?”

Whatever spurred the action, we hope the anonymous donor finally feels peace in their heart -- especially because the bar's manager during the time of his carnage, 45 years ago, has already passed. 

“I think he would have thought it was great too,” Watters said. “It would have been a fun thing to share with him.”

As Alexander Pope taught us, "to err is human; to forgive, divine." So if you're reading this, it's now time to squash that beef with your cousin, forgive your ex, and pay back that one homie who spotted you in your time of need. Your imaginary angel will thank you and it will clear your conscience (and skin). 

h/t: The Takeout

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