Woman Burns Love Letters With a Torch, Accidentally Sets Apartment on Fire

Do you believe in life after love? Then don’t be like the 19-year-old Nebraska woman who sparked an apartment fire by setting love letters ablaze in her bedroom. 

Most of us have experienced heartbreak -- that hot ache in your chest, a pressure rising up from the throat to your tear ducts, one long sob emitting from some painful source you didn’t know you could access… We are possessed when in grief, driven to spite our ex-lovers with whatever means necessary. And burning love letters is definitely a therapeutic approach. 

Thing is, you shouldn’t burn things indoors and then promptly take a nap.

Police in Lincoln, Nebraska said the woman used a butane torch to burn the letters, which is sort of epic. But then she went to go take a nap, which is not so epic for her neighbors (albeit a healthier option than taking shots alone and big spooning your pillow). 

When the woman woke up, the carpet was on fire. But hey, a plus side of a situation like this is that it distracts you from the void of nothingness you’re otherwise staring into post-breakup. 

Luckily, firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within minutes, and no one was injured. Though officials say the fire caused about $4,000 in damage to the building. 

As for the woman, she was charged with negligent burning. But I feel you, sister. Feel free to create a GoFundMe page for your charges and this broken-hearted hunny will certainly contribute. XO

h/tAssociated Press

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