Nerds Is Innovating a Trick-or-Treat Candy Staple This Halloween

A new take on candy corn.

Image Courtesy of The Ferrara Candy Compaby

It seems like only last week we were writing about candy companies starting to announce their Halloween offerings, even though the holiday is still half a year away. Because it was. Last week we learned that super-sour Skittles Shriekers will be available in time for trick or treating, and now, it looks like a truly chilling new Nerds variety is on the way: candy corn.

One of the most divisive candies commercially available, candy corn’s kernel shape is typically topped with a layer of white, an orange middle, and a yellow bottom. Its purported flavors are up for debate, but it’s very sugar forward. Nerds’ candy corn, however, is disrupting the category forever. Or at least for as long as this iteration is available. 

Most notably, Nerds candy corn eschews the expected color scheme for hues of green, pink, blue, purple, and a softer orange. They also have a “candy shell,” according to Delish, which implies a dual texture that does not comport with our understanding of standard candy corn, which has one continuous bite and mouthfeel.  

Nerds’ candy corn packaging is evocative of Halloween, hence the speculation that it’ll be available in advance of the autumn holiday. Its package seems to depict a twilight tableau, with lightning in the sky, Nerds characters “Deep Thinking” Purple, “Curiosity” Pink, and “Spontaneity” Orange, (who knew!) dressed up in a witch hat, what appears to be a cape, and bat wings, respectively. A pretty obviously haunted house looms in the background. “Humor” green appears on the package, too, but not in any kind of costume, which makes no sense, because isn’t it always your “funny” friends who go all-out on Halloween? 

Anyway, look out for Nerds candy corn to hit store shelves around Halloween. 

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