Nerf Will Pay You $10K a Month to Make Videos on Social Media

Get paid to make funny videos.

nerf dream job
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If you've been admonished for spending too much time on your phone lip-syncing, making whipped coffee, and singing Fleetwood Mac, your moment has arrived.

Nerf -- yes, the company with toy blasters that shoot foam darts -- is launching a search for a dream "job." You can get paid $10,000 a month for three months to run Nerf's TikTok page. The temporary position is called the Nerf Chief TikTok Officer (CTO) and is definitely geared toward someone who lives on social media. 

Nerf's job description says you'll spend "up to" three months developing "strategy (read: give our marketing team some clout), [creating] content (make 10-12 epic Nerf TikTok videos each month), and ultimately [setting] the tone for Nerf’s debut on the social platform." Not terrible duties for a solid, albeit temporary, salary.

The company will be making its TikTok debut by prompting people to post videos about Nerf. The application asks potential Nerf CTOs to post "their best Nerf-related TikTok video" with the hashtag #NerfApplication and @Nerf before April 4. That video can earn you finalist status, but at that point, the company will require a formal application and interview. If you get the gig, it'll be remote, and they're hoping you can start mid-April. 

"While the NERF Global Marketing team really is best-in-class at what they do in terms of creativity and connecting with our fans, we admit we could use some help as the brand steps into the world of TikTok. We’re ready to hand over the social reigns to one talented creator to run the Nerf TikTok account," said Teresa Pearson, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing for NERF. “This position isn’t all fun and Nerf battles, though we imagine that will certainly be a part of it. The Nerf CTO will get hands-on, real-life job experience working on the Nerf Team during a very exciting time in our brand’s history."

The company is not calling it an internship, but it kind of comes across as an internship with excellent pay. You're getting cash, and Nerf is touting the experience you'll get. "The ideal CTO candidate is a Nerf enthusiast and TikTok extraordinaire with good comedic timing and solid editing skills, who knows their way equally well around a ring light and a Nerf blaster," the announcement says. 

In addition to the $10K a month, you'll get hooked up with "an awesome stash of Nerf blasters and swag." The company may not be ready to navigate TikTok without some help, but they knew enough not to offer a free pair of skinny jeans to the top applicant.

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