This Nerf Modification Can Help You Blast 100 Foam Balls in 15 Seconds

Nerf’s Rival Nemesis MXVII-1oK is a monster of a dart launcher. We already know that the blaster harbors 100 foam balls and can launch them out of its barrel at speeds upwards of 70 mph. But as Nerf maven LordDraconical demonstrates, with a simple modification, the Nemesis can shoot 100 balls in as little as 15 seconds. How’s that for some hifalutin Nerf-mechanics?

You’ll need to replace the toy’s power-source with a high-output lithium ion battery, but with that fairly simple switch, the Nemesis turns into a literal dart-hose, spawning hell-fire that should make your neighbors shriek. As Gizmodo explains: “Basic soldering and electronics know-how is a must in order to tackle this upgrade.” Luckily the YouTuber walks you through the gist of it in his tutorial, ensuring that you’ll be letting the foam balls rip like a maniac in no time.

Yes, this could be you: