Expensive Vases Beware: Nerf's New Ultra Blasters Shoot a Record-Breaking Distance


We all have Nerf Gun memories: Our older brother shooting us in the eye on Christmas morning. Breaking that hideous floral plate your mother advertised on a platter stand. Opening the garage door 10 years after your last Nerf match to see an entire chronicle of guns, sharing dust with a stack of CDs.

But Nerf guns are not just a thing of the past. While many of us look on nostalgically, the company is steadily improving technology for new fighters. Just ask the Nerf nerds. Now, the company is releasing a new gun that can shoot projectiles a whopping 120 feet

If you're wondering, this is significantly farther than what we're used to. In recent years, the company has released a gun that shoots at 70mph, one that shoots 1,200 rounds, and many other variations that threaten the health and safety of our fine china. Now they're focusing on distance, with the debut of their Nerf Ultra One Blaster

The toy was announced by Hasbro, the company that makes the guns, as part of a new "Ultra line." Hasbro says "Aerofin" technology is responsible for the impressive distance. The company didn't get into specifics about the technology, so you'll just have to trust that "Aerofin" is some military shit.

Big news: The darts are new, too. They're still foam, but the material on the tip is much lighter. When they shoot, they spin like an expertly thrown football. Unfortunately, because of the design adjustments, you won't be able to use these darts with the stack of Nerf guns you've been hoarding all this time.

But I don't see why you'd want to use a vintage gun when you can now shoot a dart across the Atlantic Ocean. 

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Ruby Anderson grew up as a dart target for her male cousins and so paused for a moment before agreeing to write this article.